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Whenever there is a California plane crash, people wonder what happened. Airplane crashes are feared by about 40% of flyers, but in reality, air travel remains the safest mode of transportation. Commercial air flights are very safe, due to FAA regulations and a real concern on the part of the transportation industry to offer safe travel options. When a commercial plane crashes, it can be very serious and life-threatening, due in part to the speed that might be involved, the altitude and the large number of passengers that may be on board.

Transportation Accident Rates

Smaller aircraft, like commuter planes and individual airplanes, are more likely to be involved in a crash, with similar serious results. A crash of any type can be life-ending, but passengers in an aircraft may be less at risk when there is a collision than are passengers in other types of transportation. According to a report by the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB), the survivability rate for air crashes is 95.7 percent, and that the accident rate has not changed in two decades even though there are more flights today.

The U.S. Department of Transportation has compared accidental death risks for alternative modes of travel and the results show that air carriers are very safe. Compare air carrier deaths of 138 per year, over a five year period, to 36,676 killed in motor vehicle accidents. The same report says you are at more risk of death from poisoning, workplace accidents, or being electrocuted than dying in an airplane accident. There still remains the terrible tragedy that does occur to individuals and their families when there is injury or death in a plane crash.

Plane Crash Statistics

In general, this time is the safest period in aviation history worldwide. The accident numbers for yearly aviation deaths and injuries have been dropping regularly. With 265 deaths from in-flight accidents, 2015 was the safest year since 1945. During the safest years since 1946, there have been just 11 to 21 accidents annually, with 224 to 627 deaths.

Statistics show that persons flying on commercial airlines are safer than those flying on smaller aircraft. Survival chances can also be increased by doing several things while on board:

  • Sit near the rear area of the airplane. One study by Popular Mechanics found that crash survivors who did sit near the airplane tail were 40 percent more likely to survive than persons sitting in the front rows of the aircraft.
  • Sit in an aisle seat within five rows of an emergency exit.
  • Do not sleep at takeoff or during landing; these are the most frequent times crashes occur.
  • Brace yourself firmly for impact.
  • Listen to flight attendants and instructions.
  • Dress appropriately when flying in case you are in an emergency situation.

Causes of Aircraft Crashes

Despite regular maintenance and diligent attention paid to FAA regulations, aircraft crashes still happen every year. Investigations into these events have discovered several common causes:

  • Pilot error – weather or mechanical related errors.
  • Mechanical failure
  • Sabotage
  • Other human error
  • Weather

Other things that contribute to aircraft crashes and onboard fatalities include:

  • Pilot incapacitation
  • Air Traffic Control error
  • Design flaw
  • Cargo hold or cabin fire
  • Bird strikes
  • Lightning
  • Fuel Starvation
  • Sabotage or explosive devices, hijacking

San Diego Plane Crash Injuries

Passengers in aircraft accidents may suffer from a wide range of injuries, from simple bruising to life-taking harm. Even an incidence of a pass through mild turbulence can result in severe bruising when passengers who are not wearing seatbelts are tossed around inside the cabin of the aircraft. When there is a collision in mid-air that causes a part or the entire airplane to be destroyed, passengers not only may suffer cuts, bruises and other injury from the impact, they then may die from the fall to the ground. In some crashes, innocent persons on the ground are injured when hit by debris from the falling aircraft.

The most harmful injuries would be to the head, neck and spine areas of the body. Concussions, lacerations, twists and other injuries to these areas can result in paralysis, disability or death. The injured person may spend a long time in hospital for recovery, if that is possible. Financial costs skyrocket from surgical costs, professional care and rehabilitation. The injured person will lose income if they have a job, and they may never be able to return to their previous lifestyle.

Beyond any physical trauma and injury, the person who survives a plane crash may suffer from fear, anxiety and long-term emotional disturbances that affect their enjoyment of life and normal living. These injuries all can be addressed through the legal system and California personal injury laws. The FAA investigates all plane crashes to determine cause. This can be added to the evidence your Personal Injury Attorney can use to build a case for fair compensation. Survivors of persons killed in a California plane crash may also pursue compensation for loss of their loved one, income, inheritance, guidance for minor children, companionship and consortium.

San Diego California Plane Crash Lawyer

The national Census Bureau tally of population in California as of July 1, 2015 is 39,144,818. This is almost one-tenth the total population for the entire United States, 321,418,820 for that same date. Add to that the desirability of California as a destination location for national and international travelers, and it is easy to see why this state leads in many categories of interest, including air travel.

While the incidence of commercial aircraft crashes is very low, there is more risk with commuter airlines and small plane travel. When there is a crash, a careful investigation is done to determine the causes. Sometimes the pilot has made a serious error, or there may be mechanical failures or weather conditions that contributed to the ultimate accident. Liability may be attributed to one or more areas of responsibility for safe operation of aircraft. These include: pilot, aircraft owner/operator, manufacturer, parts or maintenance companies, fuel supplier, federal government (air traffic controller, inspectors).

There may be more than one reason for a crash; no matter what caused an aircraft to fail or crash, your attorney will conduct an independent investigation. They can call in expert witnesses to reconstruct the scenario and crash scene. This is a vital part of your case presentation, because determining fault and liability is basis to winning a negligence case.

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