Places with Most (and Least) Traffic Fatalities in America

Each year, tens of thousands of people tragically die in traffic accidents. By latest count almost 37,000 people died last year in automotive accidents. Many of those people were pedestrians who were hit by cars. Others were passengers or drivers. Among children age 8 and older, motor vehicles accidents are the leading cause of death. Still, some strides have been made to reduce vehicle deaths.  Because of airbags, seat belts, and improved automotive technology, cars… read more

What To Do If You’re In A Ride Sharing Accident

Share this infographic on your site! Source: What to Do in a Ride Sharing Accident? From 2010-2014, ride sharing use worldwide has increased close to 4X! 2010: 1.16 million 2014: 4.94 million What Are Ride Sharing and Ride-Hailing Services? Ride sharing companies connect regular drivers to people that need a lift Ride sharing services (e.g. BlaBlaCar, Zimride, etc.) Multiple groups, similar to carpooling Strangers share one car and are dropped off at different locations along… read more

The Dawn of the Driverless Car

It may take some getting used to—but it looks like a better way to travel. What do you think? Share this infographic on your site!Source: Image Source: Self Driving Cars Spread The Words The following content is text taken from the above infographic and provided to you in an easy copy and paste format. Please feel free to use it in any writing that references this article. Are Self-Driving Cars Legal? Driverless cars are taking… read more

Understanding the Personal Injury & Accident Claims Process

Recovery from an injury accident often involves legal action to obtain fair compensation from the person or company responsible for the harm they caused you due to their negligent behavior. A sudden traffic accident, a slip and fall accident, discrimination and other types of personal harm can not only disrupt your normal lifestyle, it can cause you great financial difficulty. Making a Personal Injury Claim against the party that caused your injuries can aid your… read more

Distracted Driving Facts & Statistics

Modern technology and convenience are now causing a huge problem for drivers everywhere. In the few seconds it takes to look at a text, computer screen or GPS, drivers enter the state now commonly called distracted driving. Distracted driving is making the news frequently, as the motorized vehicle crash rate, injuries and fatalities from this problem continue to rise. Distraction while driving includes any activity that takes your attention away from driving. This includes texting,… read more

Teen Driving Safety Guide (2020)

Alarming U.S. statistics compiled by the CDC verify that for teens, motor vehicle crashes are the leading cause of death. The saddest part of this fact is that these deaths are mostly preventable. Despite training and parental warnings about driver safety issues, six teens aged 16 through 19 die every day. They are most at risk, almost three times more apt to die in a motor vehicle crash than drivers over age 20. YouTube Special… read more