Injuries sustained from an unexpected slip and fall accident can be as simple as a bruise or as complex as brain injury. No matter what the extent of your injury, it is well worth your time to seek advice from an experienced Personal Injury Attorney about filing a claim for fair compensation for expenses and other claims related to your accident.

When you make a claim under Personal lnjury laws to obtain monetary compensation for accident damages, it is important to act quickly. Many states have a statute of limitations for filing damage claims, and if you wait too long, it will become more difficult to gather evidence. A simple phone call to our attorney is all it takes to get this process started. We will do the hard work while you focus on recovery.

Slip & Fall Accidents

Slip and Fall Accidents have many causes and can result in many types of physical and emotional harm. Even a slight slip on a piece of debris on a grocery store floor can bring the customer crashing down to a hard floor, injuring skin, bones and perhaps even causing breakage of a joint or a head, neck or spine injury. These accidents generally happen quickly and without warning; older persons are especially prone to slip and fall injuries.

  • Private Property – Owners are responsible for keeping walkways, parking lots and other areas free from hazards. Problem areas must be clearly marked, so visitors can avoid hazardous terrain. If you attend a gathering, and there is loose debris on the entry walkway or parking lot, you could slip and fall. If potholes are not marked or fenced off, you could unknowingly step into one, fall and break your leg or arm.
  • Public Property – Retail or government outlets, grocery stores, sidewalks, parking lots and other areas that accommodate foot traffic must be maintained for safety. This means removal of debris, snow and other things that could cause injury to pedestrians. Uneven cement walkways or parking areas are common hazards that need to be marked as such or repaired.

Slip & Fall Injuries

Slip and fall injuries are very common and cause injury because the full weight of a person comes down to ground level quickly and forcefully. A simple slip can result in bruises, broken or fractured bones, or more serious head, neck and spine injuries. Some closed head injuries from a fall can cause a coma, internal bleeding and other serious medical problems. People injured in Slip & Fall Accidents often have income losses, high medical bills, and some are disabled temporarily or permanently.

With so many variables to consider, your best next move is to arrange for a consultation with our experienced Personal Injury Attorney. You deserve justice for the harm done to you because someone else was negligent. Take time now to learn more about the area of law that allows injured persons to seek fair compensation for a Slip & Fall accident claim.

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