Personal Injury tort lawsuits are civil actions that attempt to obtain fair compensation for an injured person through claims that allege some type of injury or harm to their physical body, mind or emotions. It differs from accidents that result in property damage, although claims for some property damage may also be included in a personal injury lawsuit.


This type of injury is allegedly caused by the negligence of some other person or a company. Claims of personal injury may also be included in cases of defamation. The result of a personal injury event includes some or all of the following: bodily injury, emotional/psychological/mental harm or distress, or negligent behavior that inflicts emotional distress.

When a company is a sole or partial defendant in a Personal Injury lawsuit, claims may include that the company allowed an unsafe work environment, harassment, or production of defective products. Recent lawsuits that have been publicized recently include cases were people were injured due to parts failures, such as tire or brake failures, or cases where vehicles were prone to rollover accidents due to their design. Another case involves damage claims made by a prominent news reporter who was unknowingly filmed nude in her hotel room after a hotel clerk put the perpetrator in a room next door to her room.

Accident Types

Many common accidents that lead to Personal Injury lawsuits begin with vehicle accidents, including common carrier vehicles. When another driver is negligent and causes an automobile, truck, bus, motorcycle, bicycle or pedestrian accident, they may be sued by the injured party. Common carriers like busses, airplanes, taxis and other forms of public transportation often are included in Personal Injury lawsuits following injury accidents to passengers. There may be several responsible parties, including vehicle manufacturers, designers or installers that share liability for such accidents.

Other typical events that result in personal injury include: dog attacks, medical malpractice, birth injuries, slip and fall accidents, nursing home abuse, industrial diseases, and wrongful death. If a jury finds that the defendant was negligent and outrageously careless, they may add an extra punitive damage award on top of normal compensatory damages.

Damage Claims

The legal process to gain fair compensation or punitive damages can become quite complex, so it is important to get an experienced Personal Injury Attorney on your side quickly. Time limits may also be a factor in this type of lawsuit. If you miss the deadline, your ability to obtain monetary compensation may be terminated. You also should have a top quality attorney to defend you against countercharges that you might bear partial responsibly for your injuries.

There are many variables to consider, so consultation with our experienced Personal Injury Attorney is an important first step to take, as soon as possible. Learn more here about this area of law that allows injured persons to obtain fair compensation through a Personal Injury claim.

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