Every year in this nation, hundreds of pedalcyclists die and tens of thousands are injured in motor vehicle traffic accidents. When people are injured or have loved ones harmed or killed in Bicycle Accidents, they can file under Personal Injury laws to obtain fair compensation for accident damages. It is important to work with an experienced Bicycle Accidents Attorney to obtain best results. They understand the details of Personal Injury laws and will fight hard to get you maximum awards.

Bicycle Accidents

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) records for 2011 show that 677 pedalcyclists died and another 48,000 were injured that year in motor vehicle traffic crashes. These figures represent about 2 percent of all motor vehicle traffic fatalities and injuries (32,719 in 2013). By 2013, fatality numbers increased to 743 fatalities. Overall, that was the third year of increases in pedalcyclist fatalities since 2010.

Most bicycle accidents occur in urban areas, at non-intersection locations, and between 4pm and 8pm. The average age of pedalcyclists killed in traffic crashes is about 43, although over the past decade, this age has seen a steady increase for fatalities and injuries. Alcohol is another contributing factor, over 37 percent, similar to numbers in other vehicle accidents. California is one of the top states for fatal accidents, with 2791 accidents, including 114 pedalcyclist fatalities.

Bicycle Accident Injuries

Injuries suffered in bicycle accidents can be very severe, primarily because there is little protection afforded riders. Falls from bicycles often result in bruises and scrapes, cuts and sometimes bone fractures or breakage. Even protective helmets can fail to stop head injuries. When someone is struck by a vehicle that is many times larger and heavier, serious physical injuries almost always occur. People and their bicycles get hit and tossed off the road into signs, trees or bridges, or they may be thrown into other vehicles on the roadway. Many injuries are life-threatening, or require long medical treatment for recovery.

Bicycle Accident Claims

People who have been injured in a bicycle accident or who had a loved one killed in a bicycle accident can pursue justice by filing a Personal Injury lawsuit. Especially when accidents are due to negligent behavior or equipment failure/defects, they deserve fair compensation for a variety of claims. Typical bicycle accident claims include medical expenses, work loss, recovery expenses and rehabilitation. Some damage claims are cost specific, while others are non-economic, such as pain and suffering and loss of lifestyle enjoyment.

With so many variables to consider, consultation with our experienced Personal Injury Attorney is an important first step to take, as soon as possible. Learn more here about this area of law that allows injured persons to obtain fair compensation for Bicycle Accidents claims.

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