Drivers who are irresponsible and exhibit negligent behavior or recklessness while driving create tremendous expense and heartache for the other people they injure when accidents occur. Our experienced Auto Accidents Attorney is very familiar with all aspects of auto accidents and the impact collisions have upon innocent victims. We work diligently on behalf of our clients to help them obtain fair compensation for injuries or deaths due to accidents caused by negligence.

Auto Accident Statistics

It is estimated that a record number of over 250 million vehicles traveled on US roadways in 2012. It is reported that around 5 million of those vehicles were involved in crashes, resulting in injury to almost 3 million people. More recently, in 2014, millions of auto accidents resulted in hundreds of thousands of injuries and 32,675 fatalities. California accidents accounted for about ten percent of that total, with 3,084 fatalities. In most cases, drivers were at fault for the accidents.

According to the National Highway Traffic Administration, over one five year period, records show that 25% of the driving population was involved in an accident. Insurance and medical reports also show that every 3 minutes, a child is killed in a car accident and that 29% of drivers causing accidents were alcohol impaired.

Auto Accident Injuries

Injuries from auto accidents range from mild bruises to death. Accidents that occur due to negligent behavior or a product defect steal lives and futures and affect the lives of millions of people each year. Injuries can end a career, take away the ability to earn income or continue in a current job, deprive children of their parents or take away the life of a precious child from parents.

Injuries can create great financial burdens for treatment and care. Broken bones, amputation of limbs, head, neck, and spine injuries can require extensive medical treatment and rehabilitation, if possible. When someone is thrown out of a vehicle, they can be injured further by colliding with other cars or objects. If help is not given quickly, a poor situation can deteriorate into a fatal one.

Damage Claims

If you or a loved one was injured or died due to an auto accident caused by negligent behavior, you can file a Personal Injury lawsuit to recover compensation for specific accident expenses and other general claims. In addition to the obvious medical bills and lost income, you and your attorney can file claims for items that do not have a specific value. In addition to pain and suffering, this could include loss of lifestyle/enjoyment, loss of consortium/companionship, fear, anxiety, shock and other mental/emotional stresses.

To develop a solid lawsuit, there are many variables to consider; consultation with our experienced Personal Injury Attorney is an important first step to take, as soon as possible. Learn more here about this area of law that allows injured persons to obtain fair compensation for Auto Accidents claims.

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